Meet our Board of Directors

Board Chairperson
Sheila is a community development champion whose main focus is community empowerment. She achieves this through leveraging on: transformational leadership, mentorship and environmental conservation.
Board Treasurer
Mark is passionate about helping create and manage sustainable enterprises and organizations. His background in finance and data analytics allows him to craft financially sound data driven solutions.
Board Member
Bertha is an experienced administrative professional with expertise in institutional management and strategy development. She is passionate about women and children's welfare.
Board Member
Passionate about the integration of business strategy to create workflows for better societal welfare and economic sustainability. Aloysious actively collaborates and builds on his network to engage in creative and pragmatic approaches centered around small but impactful steps to inspire positive change.
Vanda Gatti
Board Member
A project manager that works in science communication, teacher training, nonprofit communication and fundraising. She focuses on creating international networks, and sharing good practices on involving the young generation in science, and positive change.
Board Member
An Engineer with a passion for creating opportunities for Positive Youth Development for the purpose of Sustainably Developed Society, sharing knowledge and developing solutions towards Sustainability.
Board Member
Social innovation enthusiast, passionate about youth development for community empowerment. Kevin is a bioscientist, health and nutrition expert focusing on natural product research and drug development.

Meet our Executive Team

Execuitve Director and Board Secretary
Co-creating social enterprises with young people to solve economic and environmental challenges. Johanssen focuses on conversations and actions that lead to positive social impact.
social entrepreneurship coordinator
Derrick is a Business Information Technology professional. He is passionate about supporting young people in education, mentorship and technical skills through his creative skills and talents, for a better society.
Technology Officer
Passionate about technology for advancing development and entrepreneurship in emerging economies.
Positve Youth Development Coordinator
A social worker who is passionate about community development, sustainability, social inclusion and equality.

Meet our Associates

Passionate about youth participation and sustainability. Adnan comes from an international development background and has a keen interest in research in developing sustainable solutions to local problems.