Mentoring and Building Resilient Communities, the Intersection

Building resilient communities begins at the foundational level. Those in these communities know the issues that affect them and also the length of time it takes to develop solutions. Because these issues do not just fade away immediately, it becomes clear that it will be the young people who will eventually experience the harshest of effects. Many factors go into fostering a sustainable and resilient community for our young people; many, too, that most don’t think of. 

One key component of facing these challenges is through professional and interpersonal Advocate Mentoring. Guiding young people in the development of their skill sets is critical to help them to achieve their goals as well as provide outcomes that contribute to their communities. Creating an Advocacy Mentorship program at JAY4T helps to find those who might benefit from having a mentor and places them with one that aligns with their goals, needs, and schedule. This mutually beneficial relationship is based on shared interests, mutual respect, and care. These Mentors act as a resource for information, professional expertise, interpersonal skills knowledge, and act as a role model to both Mentees as well as their peer Mentors. 

Having been a part of the development of this program myself throughout my time as an JAY4T intern, I find it more important than ever to work alongside a community in the hopes of establishing a Mentorship Program. There is such a need for leaders who are able to offer professional and technical guidance throughout a young person’s time with us. Building these new connections to bring Mentor and Mentee together leads to cycles of new young people willing to pass down knowledge on to the next generation of advocates.


Book: Shopping of the Scientist

Limited physical activity, increased stress, and poor diets have been major contributors to the increase of Communicable Diseases among residents of Kisumu, with the young population being the largest affected population. Moreover, Kisumu experiences Global Acute Malnutrition of 5.9%, which is poor according to the Kenya Nutrition Bulletin. Consequently, this has a negative impact on youth development and youth engagement, therefore calling for our intervention, to create an enabling environment for young people to thrive. JAY4T is working to promote youth involvement in sustainable agriculture to prevent NCDs caused poor diet, to increase food production, and to make different varieties available to boost nutrition with an overall aim of contributing to food security that is: availability (having sufficient quantities of appropriate food available), access (having adequate income or other resources to access food), and utilization/consumption (having adequate dietary intake and the ability to absorb and use nutrients in the body). This book by Sarah, our Associate from Italy is a resource to help young people learn and engage better with food in a fun way.





About the Book

 From 10 to 99 years, a book to see the food with a whole new dress and that teaches not to be afraid to experiment. A journey, aboard a trolley, between food and supermarket shelves but with the gaze of true scientists. We all eat and we are all fascinated more by some foods and less by others, but have you ever looked at cabbage not as a terrible vegetable but as the main ingredient of a spectacular scientific experiment? Science can surprise you once again by making you discover more and more deeply what surrounds you. How many times have you handled potatoes, lemons, vinegar, or flour without realizing their potential? Get ready to make all the “flavors” to know the extravagant properties of food that make them the perfect reagents for an experiment and also the properties that can be useful to our body, to make us grow, learn and play!



About the Author 

SARAH BRANCHESI is a Nutritionist Biologist specialized in the elaboration of customized food plans for various developmental ages, as well as sports diets and pathological diets. Since 2015 he has expanded his career in science outreach. After being selected to participate in EASE (European Academy for Scientific Explainers), she has been involved on the national territory by realizing workshops, projects, and conferences for schools, science festivals, museum facilities, radio, and social networks with the aim of helping adults and children to understand the correct diet. In 2020 she continued to devote herself to research on new sports diets, which led her to the publication of her scientific poster “Body composition without weight oscillation: a new approach to cycling diet in combat sports”, in the XI Edition of the National Congress Space Nutrition


Instagram: @nutrizionistasarahbranchesi