Tackling with young people their fears and building upon their aspirations

Recognizing the potential in young people, every single one of them

Affirming the strengths and capabilities of young people

Nurturing the talents, skills, and ideas that contribute positive change to the community

Starting and never giving up, sharing the victories, and learning from failures

Fostering diversity, collaboration, shared prosperity, growth and learning, humility and service, creativity and innovation

Opening up to young people, collaborating with them to co-create social enterprises that make their communities better

Relying on and being driven by love, resilience, sustainability, transformation, and collective engagement

Maintaining a network of changemakers in Africa and progressively building on Africa’s social capital collectively

Acting out of courage and not out of fear, to change, not to conform

Transforming the mindset of young people, to be free, proactive, and victorious

Imagining Africa rising above poverty as young people collectively apply their skills to build upon her resources sustainably

Overcoming inaction and complacency and building on human capital consistently

Negotiating for sustainable partnerships with communities, governments, businesses, and civil society