JAY4T Receives National Diversity and Inclusion Opportunities for Youth Employment Award

We are delighted to announce the outcome of the DIAR Awards 2022, where we were crowned the winners of the award category: Best Inclusion Opportunities for Youth Employment Award, which celebrates organizations that have employed strategies that address youth unemployment in Kenya. Our Executive Director, Johanssen Obanda, received the trophy on March 18, 2022, during the DIAR 4th Edition Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony. 

Image Source: DIAR Awards

Johanssen says, “Our work is founded upon diversity, equity, and inclusion – and that has been our strength all along. Every young person in our team contributes their unique brilliance and we end up co-creating innovative solutions that potentially open doors of employment for hundreds of thousands of young people.”

Image Source: DIAR Awards

We have co-created two social entreprises with young people including Sote Tule – an agribusiness Social Enterprise that connects farmers to households, allowing them to sell their products directly and increase their profit margin; and KaaKazini which connects skilled tradesmen to households, offices, and industries through a web platform, enabling for rapid hiring, capacity development, and economic empowerment.

JAY4T recognizes that our current community is not fully equitable. We have established DEI policy, and priorities to ensure that JAY4T actively seeks out opportunities to include those who are underrepresented or marginalized, to include them in our decision-making, learn from their perspectives, amplify their voices, and, ensure that they have opportunities for growth in our organization. We pledge to:

  • Create a welcoming community, one that is open to challenging assumptions about diversity, equity, and inclusion, to ensure that all individuals/groups can fully participate
  • Expand our international engagement
  • Continue to broaden partnerships with other organizations that have diversity programs to support broader community engagement activities
  • Provide training and educational resources specifically targeted to young people that have historically been underrepresented
  • Recruit without bias for all JAY4T activities and actively seek participation from groups that are discriminated against, underrepresented, and marginalized