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About us

About Us

JAY4T was founded in 2013 in Kisumu - Kenya to be a platform for young people to be nurtured as changemakers and in turn create positive and sustainable change for their immediate community. Currently JAY4T is working in Kisumu, Nairobi, Nakuru, Isiolo and Trans-Nzoia Counties.  

JAY4T inspires and challenges young people to unveil their potential by creating an enabling environment and access to resources for the development of  talents, skills, and abilities in their uniquenes. 

JAY4T is a work of young people, with the community, to Africa. 


To alleviate poverty, improve welfare, promote good governance, nurture talents, acnd contribute to environmental conservation 


We value diversity, collaboration, shared prosperity, growth and learning, humility and service, creativity and innovation. 



A generation of young poeple transforming Africa and living up to their lives' purposes.




We are driven by love, resilience, sustainability, trasformation, and collective engagement.

Work With Us


We are now seeking fora team of driven and passionate interns to join our team and get valuable experience and learning while supporting our work in co-creating social entreprises with young people. 


Location: Kisumu, Kenya and Online
Deadline: June 7, 2021


Click on the button below your prefered position below to read the job description and instructions for your application. 


Fundraising and Communications Intern

Grants Management Intern

Finance Intern

Community Management 

Core Team


These people offered their help to steer JAY4T 

Johanssen Obanda

Executive Director, Board Secretary    

Mandilive Matiwane  


Sheila Awuor 

Board Chair

Precious Weche 

Board Treasurer  

Levin Nyonje 


Leah Holmes


Bertha Kagombe 

Organization Manager 


Storytelling For Change

to inspire action for positive change in local communities.


We share our story as changemakers to inpire action, and we create a platfrom for our communities to be a part of the story by engagaging them in learning and understanding challenges, and in designing solutions for the challenges. 

We are a network of 99 changemakers in 2 countries in Africa.

Do you have something to give to your community? A talent, skill, knowledge or resource? Let us work together and make our communities better. Let us inspire fellow young people to be part of the change. 

Positive Youth Development

About PYD

Positive youth development program is designed to optimize youth developmental progress. 


Positive youth development is an intentional, pro-social approach that engages youth within their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families in a manner that is productive and constructive; recognizes, utilizes, and enhances young people's strengths; and promotes positive outcomes for young people.



Join Today as a youth participant or a mentor.


to nurture talents and skills of young poeple.


We nurture talents of young people through creating access to facilities
and resources for learning and training; and platforms for performance
in the community and beyond; enhancing positive youth development
and reconnecting youth.


to improve welfare of vulnerable and homeless youth and children.


We improve welfare of young vulnerable people through integrated
learning and accommodation centres with access to shelter, food,
education, training, assessment, intervention, basic counselling,
mediation, advocacy, transition to independent living and adulthood,
employment, living skills, social skills, personal development and
support, space, facilities, resources, and apprenticeship.

Building Resilient Communities 

Socio-economically - Enviornmentally 


to the People;
Live among them;
Love them;
Learn from them;
Start from where they are;
Work with them;
Build on what they have.

But of the best leaders,
When the task is accomplished,
The work completed,
The people all remark:
"We have done it ourselves"

                    Lao Tsu


Apprenticeship for  jobs

KaaKazini - is a  web-based placement service connecting craftsmen to informal and formal employment, and gigs - anyone can work and anyone can hireText.


We provide mentorship, welfare support and leadership capacity development directly to them. And through partnerships with reputable stakeholders, we are able to provide access to vocational programmes with a subsequent technology-enabled quality apprenticeship program, and supported housing enabling a convenient and sustainable transition to independent living. 


This is in response to the challenge of vulnerable and homeless youth. This comes with the challenge of income generation for sustainability. Most of them having dropped out of primary school, high school and even from tertiary institutions, still lack essential skills to allow them to fend for themselves. There are few opportunities for them to find jobs or to start off enterprises. They are also on the disadvantaged side of the technological divide and therefore experience the challenge of access to information, digital skills acquisition  and inclusion in social innovation.


JAY4T's Podcast

Innovation and exploration is the most exciting experience of a youth’s life, but it comes with plenty of social, economic and environmental challenges. Johanssen Obanda, also known as “Happy,” interviews young people on the different ends of innovation and exploration biweekly and pulls back the curtain on sustainable social innovation. Each episode contains powerful information to help you grow your knowledge in social innovation, entrepreneurship, positive youth development, and building resilient communities.



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Crowning the young generation 

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